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Mission Statement

MediGang clothing line is in effect for one reason and one reason only, living the herb life right.  Originating out of Southern California, MediGang serves all communities with consumers of medicinal marijuana and non-consumers as well. We are fully committed and dedicated to providing quality clothing with inevitable options of styles at a competitive price while promoting the herb that keeps on healing! All we ask is that you promote the movement of peace and tranquility provided through the use of marijuana. Marijuana has been used to treat many illnesses and diseases that many of us face today. From glaucoma, insomnia, lack of appetite, relaxation and even the simple recreational pleasures.  MediGang acts as an outlet to express the significance of herbs instead of the typical treatments given by big pharmaceutical corporations. The 20%&^ Logo signifies the level of THC we hope that everyone is able to achieve. A THC rating at that level provides a powerful and soothing surge of relaxation. Anything less is stress. There’s more to just smoking marijuana and indulging in edibles, it is a lifestyle and like anything presented in life we are committed to conquer it.